Language is the dress of thought.

Samuel Johnson

Ready for a makeover?

We all dream of transforming ourselves. But there’s no need to spend a lot of money on a wardrobe that will be dated next season. Invest in your communication skills instead, and you’ll experience a lasting increase in your personal power.   

It’s a connection that the English language itself recognizes. Originally, the word grammar referred not just to skill with words but also to general knowledge, including knowledge of the occult: The old French grammaire meant both grammarian and magician. Those who knew their grammar were considered magicians by those who didn’t.

A close cousin of grammar was glamour – Scottish for an enchantment, a spell of the sort that wizards cast on unsuspecting princes. Today, of course, glamour is the quality of celebrity, that extraordinary charm that bids cameras to flash and red carpets to unroll.   

Become more articulate and your confidence will grow as well – and that makes for a double-whammy that audiences can’t resist. With a little effort, you’ll become a writer and speaker whom others find spellbinding.  

Grown-Up Grammar

The fundamentals of successful

communication, for high-school and

college students

$125 per two-hour lesson

Scholarship available 

Online and in-person

Tackling the Tests

Preparations for the SAT, GRE, GMAT,


$125 per two-hour lesson

Scholarship available

Online and in-person

Term-Paper Rescue

Intensive help on deadline

$125 an hour

In-person only

Linguatour DC

Immersion in American English during

a daylong tour of the nation's capital.

For visitors and new residents,

individuals and families.

$500 for one to four persons

Beyond the TXT Msg

Composition for high-school and

college students: Planning, organizing,

writing, editing 

$125 per two-hour lesson

Scholarship available 

Online and in-person

To the Top of the Pile

Help with essay for college and

graduate-school admission:

brainstorming, organizing and writing

$125 an hour

Online and in-person

Expressing Yourself

For adults learning to speak and write


$125 per two-hour lesson

Online and in-person

Up and Writing

Business and professional writing for

adult English-speakers

$125 per two-hour lesson

Online and in-person

To improve internal and external communication and enhance professional image

$1500 for three hours for 20 students

English is my second language. In high school, I was able to better my communication and listening skills, but I always struggled with writing. I needed someone to help me express myself in the best way, and Lee was that person. She taught me techniques and tools that I still use in my undergraduate courses.

I always receive compliments on my writing, and I personally enjoy writing a lot more now. Lee is professional, enthusiastic, and works hard. In addition, she has always been caring and understanding – which makes for a lifelong friendship.

K. D.

Student at George Mason University

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