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Final review

before publication

  • Comparing the latest stage of a text with the preceding stage, marking discrepancies, and checking for problems in page makeup, layout, color separation, or type

  • Querying or correcting errors or inconsistencies that eluded the copy editor

  • Reading for typographical errors or for sense without reading against copy


Copy Editing

My most popular


  • Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word usage while preserving the meaning and voice of the original text

  • Ensuring a consistent style and format

  • Reading for overall clarity and sense on behalf of the prospective audience

  • Preparing a manuscript for the next stage of the publication process


Substantive Editing

Solving major problems and organizing

  • Identifying and solving problems of overall clarity or accuracy

  • Rearranging paragraphs, sections, or chapters to improve the organization of the text 

  • Writing or rewriting to improve readability and flow of information

  • Creating a new draft of the text 

  • Revising the text to improve its presentation 



Editing / Ghost Writing

Collaborating to frame and refine your message

  • Working with you to develop a manuscript from initial concept through any number of drafts 

  • Making suggestions about content, organization, and presentation, based on analysis of competing works, comments by reviewers, market analysis, and other resources

  • Rewriting, writing, and researching, as well as suggesting topics or providing information about topics

Clarity. Vigor. Eloquence.

These are the watchwords that have guided my editing work for more than four decades. I produce copy that conveys your message without ambiguity, with energy, and with the emotional power to convince and persuade your readers.

So, I’m more than “a second pair of eyes.” Behind my eyes a brain teems with all the aspects of the English language: word choice, grammar, syntax, style, spelling, punctuation. Depending on the level of effort you request, I apply that knowledge to polish your draft.


And I do so with the efficiency of a reporter on deadline. In fact, when you select my premium Copy Fix service, I’ll turn around your copy in a matter of hours.

The chart below describes the range of editing I offer. Choose the appropriate level and give me a call to discuss your project.

Oh, one more thing: I wear glasses, so you’ll get four eyes for the price of two.

My experience with Lee McAuliffe Rambo is one that I will never forget. I enlisted
Lee's editing services for a newspaper article I had written about the inadequate care I
received at Mission Hospital when I was fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Her
edited version ended up being shared with media outlets across the country, including
Barron's Investment News, the New York Times, and NBC News. 

The article also was forwarded to the North Carolina attorney general, and I am now a
plaintiff in a suit he has brought against Hospital Corporation of America,

Thank you, Lee, for editing this piece for me. You work wonders, my dear friend!

J. Case

Leukemia Survivor
Marion, North Carolina


Notes from Friends

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