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    For more than four decades I’ve devoted myself to the art and craft of communicating in words – as a journalist for print and broadcast media, as an academic, and as a public-relations practitioner.

    But perhaps my greatest rewards have come from sharing my knowledge and skills as an English tutor, writing coach, and independent editor. I’ve helped hundreds of clients – native speakers and those new to English, students and established professionals – perfect their communication.

    I’ll help you

    Learn the rules of grammar 

    Enrich your vocabulary

    Improve your conversational skills

    Understand and use idiomatic expressions

    Refine your pronunciation

    Improve your reading comprehension

    Is writing your focus?

    Do you want to improve your work or school assignments?

    Or produce an outstanding application essay, white paper, or thesis?

    I can help you

    Structure sentences

    Construct paragraphs

    Use correct punctuation

    Make a coherent argument

    Overcome writer's block

    Develop your own style

    Or perhaps you have a single aim: an outstanding score on the verbal section of a standardized test. Work with me and you can do your best on the SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, CLEP, or TOEFL.

    No time for lessons?

    Facing a deadline? No problem.

    I’ll ensure that your manuscript is publication-ready. I offer four levels of editing – from proofreading to ghost-writing – and speedy turnaround.

    Mark Twain was right:

    To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.

    I look forward to the privilege and delight of helping you
    master the English language.





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